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What I do

Burneson Film is the one-man band of Steven Burneson.

Steven is the definition of a video production utility man. He is a writer and a director, a cinematographer and an editor. His unique ability to produce high-quality work, in short periods of time, with limited resources, opens the door to those individuals who may not have thousands and thousands of dollars to spend. Burneson Film's micro-budget video production model brings polished video content to all who seek it.

Burneson Film LLC (logo).png



About me

I studied Cinema Production at Virginia Tech, where I received honors for my contributions to the production programs. I stayed at Tech for an additional year, working as a teacher's assistant and aiding in the development of undergraduate's cinematic storytelling skills. I could not have asked for a better learning experience.

My first independent short film Jiggle the Knob screened at film festivals across the country. The film won Best Narrative Short Film at the 2018 Progeny Film Festival and most recently screened at the 2018 Richmond International Film Festival. My current independent project, Rickety's Birdhouse, won Best Family Short Script at the 2018 Hollywood Hills Awards.